Following the announcement  of a forthcoming YouTube series during the just concluded YouTube week, Dbanj has released the official trailer to the docu-series. The first Season is, titled “T.A.G Along“, and will feature the Koko Master in conversations with top dignitaries and personalities from all spheres of life and different countries.

“Adventures of the Kokomaster launches on YouTube on August 2019. Who wants to feature in it. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel,” the Koko Master had shared in a post on his Instagram page.

The Superstar Singer was recently hosted and honoured by YouTube with a Silver plaque for hitting 100,000 subscribers on the video sharing platform. The Musician, Entrepreneur and Television Personality received a ‘Silver Creator Award’ from YouTube and was a panellist at the ‘YouTube Week’, where he revealed some tips and tricks behind his impact in various sectors of the Nigerian economy through his multiple award-winning music career.