Media personality and fashion icon, Denrele Edun turned 38 today and we were not ready for the way he chose to celebrate, with a totally diva photoshoot in the most gorgeous outfits including a stunning floral brocade gown.

He posted the photos on his Instagram with a lengthy caption where he spoke of self-love and ignoring people’s talk to excel and be himself.
Read some parts of it:

I can’t believe you’re 38!
F***ing eight years older than a 30-year old.
TWENTY years older than your 18-year-old self. You’re freaking out!
But, you know what?
You’re also 38-years young.
I mean, the moment you hit 30, you stopped counting right? Wake up and smell the frigging Coffee!

Denrele, you no dey hear word!
About time you learnt that just because you haven’t been loved in the way you deserve, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it.
That just because some people found it hard to love you doesn’t mean you’re not easy to love.
Love yourself so much that you don’t feel the wanting from loneliness.
Love yourself so much it doesn’t matter who broke your heart in the past or who breaks your heart next. Love yourself so much you become complete. Love yourself so much you stop accepting anything less than what you need. Love yourself so much you stop accepting any less even from yourself.”

Now check out some photos from his shoot below: