Duke Oliver, popularly known as Silvanus from the Africa Magic TV series “Do good” has reportedly passed away in a horrible road accident while on his way back to Lagos from Akwa-Ibom State.

Oliver was reported to be heading back from the burial ceremony of his mother which happened on Friday, March 29 in Akwa-Ibom state.

This announcement was made by producer of the TV comedy series, “Do good”, Basorge Tariah who took to his Instagram page to share the painful news on Wednesday, April 3. He expressed great sadness over the loss of his friend and prayed that he rests peacefully.

He wrote: “My Heart is so so Heavy right now. I am in a dark and painful place. Tragedy is a euphemism. We just lost SILVANUS of DOGOOD. My dear brother was returning from the burial of his mother when death added my friend to his mean account. RIP. These Tears won’t stop flowing.”

“I am so speechless and so sad. You were such a lovely soul. You smile, you play and never complained. You leave a vacuum that most of the world cannot fill. I will miss so much, it burns my heart. Sleep! Sleep great and awesome Talent. Sleep,” he added.

May his soul rest in peace.