We have witnessed our favourite celebrities go from being “just there” with their appearances to working hard to pull out all the stops in order to make lasting impression on the minds of fashion lovers.

It has become quite obvious that these celebrities have caught the fashion bug because they keep trying hard to surpass every bar known in the fashion industry. Their efforts come with either epic fails or impressionable fashion statements.

Try as hard as they may, there are certain celebrities that continue to give us eye candy moments every time they step out. Oscar de la Renta once said “Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.” He was probably speaking about actress, Inidima Okojie.

Inidima Okojie was born with style flowing in her veins. Every look she puts together to step out with is a hit back to back.

We have compiled a few of these looks which convinces us that Inidima is a fast-rising fashion icon.

Check them out below:


Credit: instagram.com/inidimaokojie/