Publisher/writer – Betty Irabor, in a post on her Instagram page gave out some well-meaning advice about the emptiness that comes with being materialistic. Being one who has battled depression and attempted suicide in the past, she shared the heartfelt piece in a bid to help fans and friends refocus their attention on the real things that bring happiness.

“I remember thinking while in the throes of depression that as soon as my new ride arrived I would feel better. I didn’t feel better. And that’s how it goes on; when I get married I will feel better, when I am rich I will feel better, when I have children I will feel better, when I get that designer bag I will feel better, when I move into my new house I will feel better,” she shared.

In the write-up, the 63-year-old appealed to anyone suffering depression to seek help and deal with the root cause of their hollowness. According to Irabor, getting married, pregnant or buying material things, would not make them feel any better when the root cause of their depression hasn’t been dealt with.

She wrote; “Truth is, things or people don’t make us feel better until we fix the cancer within and own up to the fact that we feel hollow within and need help. We carry around burdens and pains that we need to offload so we can travel light. We cannot fake true happiness, it expires as soon as we are alone and the reality of what we are masking hits us.”

On comparing themselves to what they see on social media, she adviced readers to no give up in bettering themselves becsuse most of the things they see and envy on social media “na packaging” and instead of being envious. It would be better to put in work and make every moment count, while focusing on the right things.

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