These days everyone is talking about how fake social media has become. This week, actress and movie producer Toyin Abraham, has added her voice to call out people living fake lives on the gram.

In a post on her Instagram page, Toyin said: “Do not waste your time living someone else’s life. If you look back in history of the coolest and most respected people, they were always extremely original individuals, not imitation. If you love that life so badly, dream it and work hard for it.”

The ‘Ghost and the Tout’ Producer went on to advice readers to not be afraid of a seemingly slow growth process, stating that redundancy is the only thing to be feared. She pointed out that the things people used to beef up their life social media status were actually affordable things that hardwork could lead them to achieving, and not falsehood.

Toyin also reiterated the importance of being original and letting the world adjust to your originality, as opposed to following the bandwagon and becoming a mere copy.

She shared; “Be yourself and make the world adjust. Let people love you for who you are rather than for who you’re not. Do not live your life trying to impress people who hardly know you on social media!”

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