Day by day, more people go under the knife in a bid to look “good” and “perfect”. This rising spate of undergoing cosmetic surgery is evident in Nigeria and our neighbor, Ghana. It is a cause for controversy as there are different schools of thoughts on the matter.

On one hand, some people think that women should embrace their God-given bodies while on the other hand, others believe that there is nothing wrong in enhancing what God has given us by going under the knife.

Nana Frema, a Ghanaian actress, has come out to share startling views about the origin of plastic surgery. The actress, one of the few who have admitted publicly about having done plastic surgery, said that Jesus Christ was one of the first people to have performed the procedure during his time on earth.

We are not entirely sure which version of the bible she reads from but she is entitled to her views which she shared in an interview with Kwame Adjetia on Ghana’s Neat FM.

She shared that she had visited one Obengfo Hospital to suck excess fatty tissue from her body in order to have a more prominent backside.

The now very curvaceous lady backed up her stance by making reference to Luke 22:51 where she said “Jesus Christ did a plastic surgery. Somebody’s ears were cut off and he fixed it. It was surgery. God is the one who has given doctors the knowledge.”

As the list of celebs who have gone under the knife increases, we hope they have more rational reasons to back up their decision.