Award-winning Nigerian singer Adigun Akande Abolore Alapomeji popularly known as 9ice has said that contrary to the popular opinion about musicians, he as a person does not do drugs.

According to the singer who spoke exclusively to BBC Yoruba, those who know him know that he doesn’t do drugs to get high to enhance his performance on stage.

In his chat with BBC, 9ice admits that while there are artistes who do drugs and take alcohol, he doesn’t feel they give inspiration of any sort, but only put the artiste in the mood even when he or she is not.

“Sometimes, I get paid to sing but I am not in the mood to do so, however, the fact that I received payment means I must go ahead with the performance regardless,” he says while buttressing why those who do drugs or drink do so.

“Things happening in Nigeria do not go down well with many people and the way some people handle the woes is by drinking or smoking. So their drinking or smoking is not for inspiration, it was already what they wanted to do at first, they’re just giving excuses for it,” 9ice added.

Watch the interview below