Remember when Nollywood actor, Charles Awurum recorded a video and called out producers for casting Bobrisky in their movies? ICYMI click here to catch up.

The actor sat in an interview with Saturday Beats to shed light on why he recorded that video. He declared that he made the video for posterity sake and to air his displeasure with the situation of things.

“I don’t even want to make further statements about this issue. What I said was for posterity sake. When they started producing pornographic movies in Asaba, I was one of the people who cried out about it. I don’t want to make further statements about Bobrisky; I just aired my opinion about the movie industry. Our movie industry is turning into something else,” the actor said.

He went ahead to identify certain implications of featuring acts like Bobrisky in movie, a move he defines as completely unacceptable.

He said “Featuring a cross-dresser in a movie can be a comic way of achieving a story line. The viewers would understand that the individual is a man who is trying to play the role of deceit in the movie. Another instance is writing a script that preaches that being gay is a sin. These kinds of story lines are acceptable. However, it is not acceptable to feature someone who used to be a man and disfigured himself into a woman.”

On Bobrisky’s reaction to the video, where he called him the poorest man, the veteran said he laughed when he saw the comment.

“I am trying to create a future for the generation yet unborn. Movies are the eyes of the society. I am happy that over 90 per cent of my followers supported my view. It is my opinion; I am not forcing everyone to agree with it. I just decided to do it in a comic way. If Bobrisky feels pained, let him go into his house and cry. I didn’t want to talk about it because doing that will mean giving him more attention.

“I am only bothered about the future of the movie industry. The sentence he made about me not being successful as a man may encourage other young men to toe that path. Even if he claims he is not gay, he is encouraging people who have the tendency of being gay. If he is not gay, he should use his platform to tell people that being gay is bad,” he said.