Nigerian rapper and record label owner, Reminisce, the self-acclaimed ‘Alaga Ibile’, says he took a one-year hiatus from the Nigerian music scene to live a normal life.

“I’m back from my leave. I took a one-year break to spend some time with my wife and kids. I wanted to enjoy life as a regular guy and not having to think about what the next single or video is going to be. I wanted to put off bothering myself as to whether or not a song was a hit,” he told Silverbird TV in an interview.

The 38-year-old rapper, who made his Nollywood debut in 2018 after featuring in Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’, said he wanted a break from everything he was worrying about that related to his career.

“I just wanted to be a regular human being ’cause I’ve been doing the same thing for seven, eight years: putting out music, endorsements, and shows. It was like facing the same issues every day. I just wanted to drive my kids to school and live a normal life. But I’m back generally in the full scheme of things.”

With the success of his ‘King of Boys’ debut, Reminisce also revealed that he would like to explore more acting roles in the future.

“My role in King of Boys has been positive, although, acting is a whole new territory I’ve never been in or explored. Many scripts have been coming since I did that one but I don’t want to work on just anything. I’d rather take my time and read through scripts before opting for any,” the rapper cum actor stated.

He concluded saying; “Nigerians are beginning to tell their stories and there are a lot of wonderful producers and scripts out there too. But I’ll just wait for whichever I think I’ll be able to execute properly.”