In this age of social media, if you blink twice, you may miss something. And because everything is now fast-paced, clarity is often lost in the noise of clickbait headlines, unending chatter of Twitter lords and visual excesses of Instagram sensations.

Enters TrueYarn to sift through the clutter, offer some insight, common sense and help you read between the lines of the ‘things wey dey happen for obodo Naija’.

Here goes:

Yahoo ambassador

Since Olu Maintain enjoyed incredible success with his monster hit, ‘Yahooze’, and 9ice praised all the living Yahoo boys in ‘Living Things’, it was only a matter of time before internet fraud, famously dubbed ‘Yahoo Yahoo’, became accepted, excused, defended and condoned by many in Nigeria’s music industry.

After all, many Yahoo boys, men, girls and Yahoo plus operatives are patrons of several musicians. How then can we realistically expect them to bite the hands feeding them?

The conversation was forced back to the surface, when recently, Simi warned ‘Yahoo Boys’ — a portion of her fan base — to stop buying her music. Her comment culminated in a series of back and forth; genuine, hypocritical and self-righteous.

So far, the biggest opponent of Simi’s stance has been Naira Marley, who has taken it upon himself to champion the cause of the Yahoo Yahoo sub-sector of advance fee fraud industry.

Marley, a staunch advocate of internet fraud, has gone as far as recording a new anthem for his comrades who stay up all night to nurture ‘clients’ and compete with ‘slay mamas’ for the skinniest jeans.

All hail Marley, the self-appointed brand ambassador of Naija Yahoo Boys (NYB).

Before you attack Regina Daniels…

Regina Daniels’ alleged husband is only 41 years her senior, nine years shy of a half-century. Who are we to complain?

According to her fellow actresses, we must learn to mind our business and allow two adults enjoy what they are entitled to. Another person’s ‘other room’ matters is not your headache.

According to Georgina Onuoha, “she has made her choice with the endorsement of her mother behind her to be a teen bride or adult bride, so let her be. Most of her senior colleagues are busy sleeping with old politicians, pastors, fly to Dubai to sleep with old wrinkled Arabic men and married men and you all go hail them as slay queens”.

Case closed.

The dilemma of 2baba’s wife

Imagine being active as an actress for a decade and you are still being addressed as someone’s wife. That is the dilemma of 2baba’s wife, sorry Annie Idibia.

The celebrity who is yet to appear in any major blockbuster or critically-acclaimed Nollywood movie insists on being respected.

Hear her: “I want to believe that I have successfully been able to identify and differentiate my brand as Annie Idibia the actress/career woman and Annie Idibia the wife/mother. I prefer being addressed as Annie and not Tubaba’s wife. I hate this because I am my own person and have worked hard to build my career and brand. I should be identified and respected on that basis.”

Let’s play a game. Off the top of your head, try and remember one Annie Idibia movie. You can’t? Same here.

“I want to believe” we tried our best too.

Naked Aftermath

Who says it’s over for you when you ‘drunkenly’ yank off your clothes on social media? Give that naysayer a knock.

All hell was let loose when Etinosa Idemudia decided to go nude on MC Galaxy’s Instagram Live, but at the time, many failed to see the big picture.

Today, she’s a brand ambassador for a hairline that has 1,562 followers — and counting — on Instagram.

Boss moves.

Jesus Gram

According to Demmie Vee, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in letting the world know that you are helping the needy.

In fact, Jesus was the trailblazer of the trend, he says.

Demmie Vee also said videos were made when Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fishes.

If you find the video on GalileeTube or JesusGram, kindly share.


Pretty Mike, who goes around with girls on leashes, has alleged that the likes of Clarence Peters, Unlimited LA and Paul Gambit offer video vixens ‘roles for sex’.

The socialite says the vixens are in the habit of recycling the same men, just as Sista Tontolet recently alleged about actresses.

According to the blonde-haired pretty boy of Lagos, he used to be a victim; one of the recycled men.

Who will tell this vixen rights activist to remove the log of wood in his eyes?