The former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, was at the Essence Festival which took place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States where she had a conversation with Gayle King about self care among women.

The lawyer, author and mother-of-2 spoke about the importance of women putting themselves at the top of their priority list and making sure that their lives are on track in order to ensure better self care.

She said “One thing I keep hearing from women across the country is how hard it is for us to put ourselves first. We are the first to care for our friends, families, co-workers, but we are last on our own list. The good news is we can make a change. I have seen it in my own life. And that starts with all of us as women searching within ourselves and our stories- and sharing what we have learnt with one another.”

Dear woman, better words have not been spoken.