Adesua Etomi-Wellington broke the internet yesterday when it was revealed that she was one of the women photographed for the cover of Vogue America’s April 2019 issue, an incredible feat for Mrs W!

Adesua was photographed alongside 14 other stars from Hollywood and Bollywood in “The Global Issue” where they talked about their crushes, red carpet nightmares and shared insights from their various industries.

And because we all wanted to know how Adesua got on the Vogue cover, and how the shooting went, she gave an exclusive interview to BellaNaija, revealing how she was contacted for the shoot, how fun it was to do the shooting and how organized and easy it was to work with the Vogue team. “It was amazing. I had a lot of fun. They’re very organized, incredibly thorough and so easy to work with. There were so many talented people on set. Everyone worked very hard, and it was beautiful to witness the camaraderie. I had a great time and it’s an experience I won’t ever forget. I was able to take my makeup artist along with me – T.alamode (Tito Ibeleme) and she had a great time too,” she said.

On how she was contacted, she said “I was shell shocked. I received an email out of the blue and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I sent it to my husband and was like ‘MY ACTUAL CHESTTT’ (laughs). We responded and when I went to New York for the Annual Goalkeepers event, I was able to visit the Vogue office and I met everyone. They were all so lovely. They didn’t know much about Nollywood so I gave them a lot of information and told them about our movies on Netflix like “The Wedding Party” etc. The entertainment director at the time Jill Demling (who is now with British Vogue) watched it and loved it.”

When asked why she chose to be featured in Vogue she said “I didn’t choose, they chose me…but I agreed to be featured because It’s monumental. It’s imprinted in my history for all time and I think that’s really special. I also love Nollywood and I love Nigeria and I will do anything that puts us in a positive light. I always say that no matter where I go, I’m taking Nigeria with me.”

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