Even with the acceptance his ‘Relationships Be Like’ series, directed by Aaron Items has gotten, Magnito still thinks the Nigerian music industry is still quite complex to navigate.

In a chat with eelive.ng, the rapper talks about the industry from his point of view and the things he hopes will change, for the sake of upcoming talents.

“The Nigerian music industry is not friendly at all, but we do our best. Girls take advantage of men through sex, Men take advantage girls through money, people basically use what they have to get what they want so you can’t blame anybody for how they hustle,” the rapper shared.

“The money to shoot videos and promote music is extremely high,  we should find ways to reduce it. It’s not easy on the artists because the full blown collaborative efforts are few. We need more collaborations, and we need more love in the industry, we’re short of it,” Magnito said, commenting on the state of the music industry.

Speaking on artistes moving to Lagos to be more commercially accessible, him being one, he shared; “Lagos is the centre of the entertainment in Africa, so I moved here to be closer to the music industry, closer to everything we need and the music. In the next ten years there’ll be better technology, more things are going to come, artists would hopefully be able to sell their music without any middle man, which will be a win because we get cheated a lot.”

On his plans for the rest of 2019, Magnito hinted on the release of more episodes of his highly acclaimed series while also putting together his annual ‘Fresh Out Concert’: “I promise to dish out more dope episodes of the ‘Relationships Be Like’ series, with more great features. I am about to start preparations for the FreshOut concert, but I’ll be leaving for Cyprus soon. When I get back we are doing Dubai, Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt.”