Singer Oristsefemi is cooking up a line of amazing concerts to connect with his fans later in the year.

Known for hits like ‘Mercies of the Lord’, ‘Double Wahala’, ‘Flog Politicians’ and a couple others, Oritsefemi has proven to be a consistent ‘man of the streets’ over the years, since coming onto the Nigerian music scene in 2006.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, amongst other things, he talked about the need to reconnect with his fans spiritually, hence the birth of the idea of a “40-community Concert” hopefully to the excitement of his numerous fans.

“I want to reconnect with my fans on a more personal basis, so I will be coming to 40 communities, I will be doing stadiums and community halls just to make the shows more accessible to anyone who intends to attend.” Oritsefemi said.

“My fans have been requesting something personal from me for a while. Though I am on stage at other shows but according to them, they want a show that I will headline so that they can connect to me personally,” he continued.

Talking about his recently released single ‘Born To Win’, he said; “My fans once again made that happen. I have been doing a lot of groovy and popping songs, but for a while I haven’t done a musically inspiring song. I decided to this one to inspire everyone, that it can be better, if we keep up the hustle.”

The commencement date of these concerts have not been announced but his fans now have something to look forward to from the artiste, sometime in 2019.