Instagram comedian/MC, Oyemykke has said that Nigerians are their own enemies, not the government.

Oyemykke said this in reaction to Burna Boy’s announcement concerning leaving social media permanently. Burna Boy had earlier announced leaving all social media platforms, leaving his pages to his management to update fans on concert dates and professional engagements. The decision had been made in response to the backlash he had received for his assertion on trending issues in the country.

Reacting to the announcement, Oyemykke brought to the attention of Nigerians how their actions have silenced one of their own who was ready to speak for them once more, he shared:

“Nigerians I hope you can all see that we are the Enemy?? Not just the government?? This guy right here , never use to come on social media ( maybe because of his truth ). He wouldn’t post anything about 2 years ago & his page was as empty as a Ghost house. He decided to embrace social media & because he says the truth in his own way they said he is Proud, Arrogant & he shouldn’t let the success from last year get into his head. Anything he says gets to them & He should better shut up.”

“For management reasons another superstar has gone dark & has decided to focus on his music alone. When I start to make enough money from my other project too, I will go dark I promise. We don’t deserve the truth in that country C’est fini,” the comedian concluded.

Watch him below 


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