Nigerian Disc Jockey, Dozie Udemadu, aka DJ Dozzy Ross has said he was one of the first group of DJs that introduced Afrobeats music to the people in America.

The Anambra-born DJ made this statement in an interview with Sunday Scoop, saying that DJs like him helped spread Nigerian music among Americans and has now become a trend over there.

He said, “As a Nigerian, I was among the first group of DJs who kept playing Afrobeats songs to different crowds, including blacks, whites and Latinos, until they became open to our music . Now, you can’t go to any club or event in America without the DJs playing Afrobeats songs. Now, we are accepted as the new trend over here.”
The entertainer also gave reason why the collaboration between American artistes and Nigerian Artistes have not yielded into commercial success.

He said, “In the US, artistes make money from online streaming and album sales. But in Nigeria, they only make money from shows and endorsements. Such arrangements don’t favour the record labels here in America because they invest so much in promotions and videos. They expect to see returns but they really don’t because the Nigerian market isn’t as profitable as what obtains in America yet. However, Nigerian music is getting popular in the US and that is a good thing because money is bound to follow.”