Popular singer, actor and politician, Bankole Wellington, has charged stakeholders in the entertainment industry to focus more the business of showbiz in order to curb the problem of entertainers soliciting for funds in order to get medical treatment.

The singer stated this in an interview with HipTV.

He said, “It breaks my heart when artistes fall ill and have to drive people to help foot their medical bills. I’ve chipped in for a few medical bills. So, I know. But it shouldn’t be that way.

“People who have contributed to entertainment, to the culture; to the history — whether musically or cinematically — should have their work continue to pay for them, even after their moment in the sun is over.

“The only way to fix that is if we start paying more attention to the business of showbiz; the structure; the organizations and what is going on in them. Let’s require an audit of ourselves and see if we’re doing the right thing.

“We’ve seen the creative industry in Nigeria evolve. We’ve seen them grow. We’ve seen them achieve things in leaps and bounds and I’m proud to be part of this group of creatives

“If we’re talking about creatives and entertainment, we call it showbiz for a reason, right? There’s the show and there’s the business. The show is about creativity and, in that aspect, we’re doing great by putting out amazing content.

“But on the business side, we’re found lacking. I think we need to do better. It’s time for us to take the business of show business seriously so that our royalties can pay for our children and our children’s children.”