Nigerian-American singer Rotimi and is finally out with his long anticipated EP titled – ‘Walk With Me’. The artist, who also stars on the American hit series – ‘Power’ – had released an EP teaser earlier in the month with a vibrant video to go with it to keep his fans expectant.

The single titled ‘Love Riddim’ with Harmony Samuels, left his fans begging for a quick release of the whole EP project.

The artist who is mainly known to stick to his R&B style can be heard trying new things out on ‘Walk With Me’ as he experiments with different genres. The project begins with reggae-inspired instrumentals, before Rotimi smoothly steers the opening track, ‘Legend’, into his R&B comfort zone, on which he sings about going from a fling to a serious relationship. As the tape goes on, he also portrays a tortured side, as he reminisces over a lost love on ‘Sip Slow’.

Throughout the tape, Rotimi guides us through different phases of his relationships. He also manages to do an afropop-influenced banger, ‘Summertime’, which sports a familiar African beat.

“I really wanted to take my time with this to be as authentic as I could, to embrace my Nigerian- American heritage,’ Rotimi said, sharing his hopes for the EP.

With the release of this project, Rotimi says he looks to keep his listeners hooked from start to finish and hopes to accomplish that with the solid production work on it. The EP closer, ‘Push Button Start’ adopts dancehall vibes as the artist samples Kevin Little’s ‘Turn Me On’, with Jamaican singer, Vanessa Bling featuring on the track.

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