Santi announced a few weeks ago that he will be releasing his debut album, ‘Mandy & The Jungle’, with a gripping trailer teasing songs off the forthcoming project.

The artiste unveiled the artwork and track list to the immersive universe that he has spent the past couple of years creating for fans of alté music. Speaking with The Native, the ultra-creative mind known for his ‘carefully contemplated films’, explains that this album project is another manifestation of his inclination to storytelling;

“Mandy is a story in itself, and the songs on the album are a soundtrack to the universe,” he shared.

According to Santi, Mandy is extremely troubled, her turbulent state of mind reflected in the manic teaser video, as well as the tumultuous album art, designed by Ahmad Tarek. Introducing his new character, Santi comments: “There’s a girl called Mandy. She’s very quiet. Each day she waits to die, because she doesn’t have anything to live for. She thinks she’s going crazy because she keeps hearing her name. She doesn’t know she has this power over a whole legion of people.”

Mandy & The Jungle will be an immersion into Mandy’s feverish universe, with 16 tracks that welcome a wide range of guest artists to guide us through — from Grammy-nominated American acts, DRAM and GoldLink, to past collaborators, Tay Iwar and Amaarae.

Handling the bulk of the production on the project, Santi keeps it close to home, enlisting some of the most impressive and versatile producers in the industry like; Genio, GMK, Odunsi, Le Mav, Higo and a few others.