We have seen Seyi Shay turn into a freak in Crazy, rock braids and fabulous fabrics in YOLO, and appeared pretty sane in other videos. But for Gimme Love, featuring Runtown, Seyi Shay thrills with a deep sensual projection.

Gimme Love was released late last year to moderate airplay. The collaboration with Runtown marks Shay as the first female act out of Nigeria to do so with him. The Sarz produced track infuses dancehall and afro pop sounds to render a mellow yet punchy vibe to it. Lyrically, it exposes the desires of the singer to love and be loved by her partner.

The influence of Runtown on the track can be heavily felt. It felt more like his track than Shay’s.  The collaborative effort pays off with the measured participation of both acts in a manner that complements in fine measures. For instance, their onscreen chemistry put the lyrics into a better perspective.

Seyi Shay drips seduction in Gimme Love

The set for the video is a plain four-walled compartment suffused with different lighting setup. A bit of prop work in the form of an elevated platform appears in different scenes.

Of course, Shay is known for stepping out of the box when it comes to her type of music. Most persons would agree that it leans towards western pop culture, and this factor of foreignness is mostly projected through her visuals and audio instrumentation. With Gimme Love, she assumes an afro centric approach with the lyrics, beats and style but maintained a touch of western vibe in the visuals.

Runtown features in Gimme Love

Blonde haired in black leather lingerie, Shay opens the video laying on one side to a revolving camera. Slowly setting the pace with luring stares, she evolves into a fierce character that embraces her femininity in all its forms. Daring, she contorts into different positions, and at other points, bursts into rhythmic dancing. As sultry as she presented herself, what remains glaring is her burning urge to express herself through vigorous dance moves and seductive poses.

Not particular groundbreaking or avant-garde, as the direction for the visuals have seen a lot of female acts exploit it, but in this case, Shay holds her own through her sexuality.