Tayari Jones’ ‘An American Marriage’ has beaten two previous Booker Winners to the award of £30,000.

Described by the chair of judges Kate Williams, as a book that ‘shines a light on today’s America.’ An American Marriage mirrors the life of newlyweds, Celestial and Roy, whose lives was slowly destroyed after he was wrongfully committed to prison, over a false rape accusation.

William’s admitted it was tough coming to a decision, given the quality of the six shortlisted books; including Anna Burn’s ‘Milkman,’ and Pat Barkers ‘The Silence of the Girls,’ both previous Booker winners.

Jones a novelist and professor of creative writing who lives in Brooklyn, said the book was inspired by an argument she overheard, while she was doing a research at Harvard into mass incarceration.

I am sure with all the big names on the list, a lot of people had in mind other possible winners, her voice had however remained strong in the midst of very strong and rugged voices, that has for many years, sailed through the turbulence of the literary world.

The Women’s prize spanning 24years, is the UK’s only book award for fiction by women.


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