Despite taking him about 10 years to make a big break in the industry, popular street music artiste and hypeman, Oluwafemi Oladapo Oko-Eko, alias Slimcase  was determined to gain prominence on the Nigerian Music Scene and become a star, which he did since getting his breakthrough in 2017.

In an interview with Showtime, Slimcase discussed his sources of inspiration amongst other things, during his 10-years of struggle to stardom.

“The slums of Lagos, the streets, the people, the ghetto and its survival have all been my source of inspiration over the years.”

The ‘Azaman’ crooner noted that among other things, his experiences so far in the Nigerian music industry have taught him to trust in God.

“It wasn’t a delay, it was God preparing me for what was to come after. My experiences have taught me to trust in God and in my savings and investment because music comes and goes, so I invest. Not everything you see on social media or TV is real; everything is packaging, so, know what you wish for”, he said.

Speaking about sacrifices he had had to make in his career so far, Slimcase said; “I have invested money that I should invest for tomorrow and I’ve invested time I should have spent to build relationships with loved ones on this thing called music.”

Slimcase also explained why he describes himself as the second in command and not the king of street slangs; “No one can come out to say he is the king of Lamba but the king of street because Lamba comes out every day, so, to be on a safe side I call myself ‘Otunba Lamba’. It’s like the second in command; if you want to be the king you’re free,” he noted.