Gospel Singer, Tim Godfrey, recently relived past life experiences and how he had attempted suicide as a young boy, due to hardship that came with serving as a houseboy.

In an interview with The Sun, the singer revealed that contrary to the notions of the public that he had everything on a platter of gold,  he was actually from a poor background, which led to him becoming a houseboy by age 12.

“Working as a houseboy was not an embarrassing experience but a painful one. I was always beaten and abused. There was nothing fun about the experience. I was flogged until I bled. I never stole and was not disobedient but it was not a good experience. I remember one day I ran away from my master’s house and I almost committed suicide,” the singer shared.

The singer talked about how life felt worthless and the realised that going back to his parents would only make his master come pick him up again, since he had already tried running away four times. He couldn’t play with friends or watch TV and was faced with chores of cleaning, sweeping and washing.

Speaking about his highly anticipated June 16 “Fearless” Concert and the idea behind it, he shared; “The interesting thing about Fearless is that it is not just a music concert but also a mixture of acting and dancing.  We are saying that they should not be overwhelmed with their failures or where they are coming from. I am a testimony because I was once very broke and I did not have sandals to wear to school. I hawked barefoot in Kaduna, and at some point, I was so poor I became a Houseboy. I walked the streets of Kaduna selling bananas, coconut and other stuff. Even my first night in Lagos was spent under the bridge at Oshodi but I did not allow that to affect my dream.”