Tiwa Savage seems to constantly be in the news for one reason or the other, her name being dragged around in multiple issues and conspiracy theories.

The latest being Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani shading her on her version of the raving #FvckYouChallenge where she stated that Tiwa Savage was hoeing around to get deals and in so doing blocking avenues for other female artistes.

Estranged husband, Tee Billz has come out to defend Tiwa and throw shades at Kimani as he revealed the Kenyan singer “stumbled on one hit and felt she has arrived.”

According to the music promoter, Tee Billz, celebrities like Kimani have allowed “likes on social media and hailings of the streets confuse them and their team to put in the right/proper work that it takes for longevity.”

In his post, Tee Billz stated; “If you don’t understand the Music Business it will definitely affect your creativity! Instead of going through proper artist development which most times it’s not the artists fault but the label and management.”

“Truth be told, you can’t deny raw talent, good songs with content and a bankable brand if you have one. Most especially No Human can stop your blessings if the Grace is truly with you.”

In conclusion, he acknowledged the prejudices that may arise due to the fact that he is Tiwa’s ex-husband and father of her son; “I know some folks will have a mixed perception about my comment because of the connections. I’m just dropping free Nuggets as an Experienced Music Exec!”

Kimani has however apologized to Tiwa Savage.