Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed some personal life details in a recent interview with Plus TV Africa’s host of noontime show, Elsie Godwin. Tonto discussed her perceived affair with football legend Daniel Amokachi, her decision to choose acting as a career, plans for acting and few controversial issues involving her in recent times.

On her relationship with Daniel Amokachi, the mother of one denounced any form of romantic relationship with him saying that in the video that surfaced of the both of them dancing closely, they were only filming a promotional ad for a new Chinese restaurant in town.

She also spoke about making a choice between engineering and acting, pointing out that acting for her was an opportunity that came along her way. Adding that being a part of The Next Movie Star reality show was unplanned for but she would not be able to choose between acting and being an engineer. “Acting helps open doors but I like to put in the work and staying an engineer would allow that. I can’t pick one. I love them both,” she said.

On reality TV shows and her experience being a part of one, she said that she participating in the Next Movie Star “exposed her to the industry”. “It did all the shaping and prepared me for life I am a very reserved person. I don’t know how to handle people, not a people person but I have a temper. I can go from a 0 to a 100. If the show was in this era, it would have been different – big – because social media plays everything up.

She had words of advice for persons going into reality TV because of fame, “Chase the right clout and the right game. Put your head in the position of knowing what will come,” she advised.

On Nollywood and her plans for the future, she said: “There isn’t much challenge in the industry. I have done it all. There is no action right now. I have not found the script that I want to act in now. We need to train ourselves and learn to do more. I have done it all and I want more. Nollywood is in a good place, we need a lot of resources but we can get better.”

“Producing is not for everybody. I have sponsored my friend’s projects and tried my hands at it sometime before but I am more of a hands-on actor. I prefer to come, do my job and get paid. Thanks to Genevieve, I am inspired to try my hand at a hit one time and see how it goes,” she revealed in response to her thoughts on considering producing movies.

King Tonto as she addresses herself stirred up the hornet’s nest when she openly agreed with a claim fellow actress Princess Shyngle made on social media recently. “Of course we recycle the same men in the industry. We can’t prove it but it is true,” she said.

On what she would have done differently in her life’s journey, she said “I’d have done picked a different father for my son.” However, she refused to “glorify” their issues by talking further on the matter.