The Chairman of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Chief Tony Okoroji, has responded to Tubaba on the allegation of corruption he made against COSON.

According to Punch, the COSON boss and asked that people take news gotten from social media with a pinch of salt. He also added that 2baba was probably taking sides with Efe Omorogbe, his manager, who has eyes on being the chairman of the body.

“I consider Tuface to be my friend. Until the Efe matter, Tuface had treated me with the utmost respect and never said anything negative about me. I can understand his situation. Efe is his manager. I believe he thinks he needs to show solidarity. I fully understand.”

“COSON is now most likely Nigeria’s biggest organisation in the creative sector with thousands of members. Something would be wrong if there are no divisions from time to time but please do not ‘swallow’ much of what you find on social media. If you come to COSON House tomorrow, you will find an organisation busy at work. COSON is working.

“We must ensure continued fairness and the rule of law. There are those who suggest that you (should) bring someone to the head table because he is a troublemaker and that you cut a big slice of the cake that he does not ordinarily merit and give to him to keep him quiet. In other words, you reward him for being a troublemaker. That is an invitation to chaos. It never works. In every decent society, people pay a price for what they do,” he wrote.

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Tubaba and Omawumi had raised complaints via his Instagram in Friday on what he seemed to regard as a misappropriation of funds in COSON.