Ruggedman has said that rap music is struggling in Nigeria because everyone is now singing.

The Veteran Rapper, who has been on the scene for nearly two decades shared his thoughts on status quo of rap music in Nigeria in a recent Newspaper interview,

He said: “Right now, rap music is struggling because everybody is singing. I don’t blame rappers who are now singing because it is what the people want. Radio stations would rather play more of singing tracks than rap songs. The hip hop culture is not very strong. Have you ever heard of a rap show in the country? Most companies that sponsor shows want artistes who are the raves of the moment, and most times, they are singers.”

The veteran rapper recently released a single titled ‘Sucasa Micasa’, on which he featured Mr. Real, a song which he says was done just to give the public what they wanted, a trending song. “I believe that one has to always move with the trends. For you to survive anywhere, you need to be able to adapt. I also decided to feature a trending artiste, and I settled for Mr Real after much thought. I love his song, Legbegbe, and when I reached out to him, he was interested. He actually came up with a part of the chorus.” Ruggedman stated.

Speaking on staying relevant in the industry, Ruggedman said; “My originality is one of the things that have kept me for so long; the gift is inborn. All I have to do is apply it to whatever I’m doing. I am into a lot of things and I always apply my heart to them. I have my music career, clothing line, gaming brand, activism, among other things. I am always involved in something that would add value to lives. That is the way I’ve stayed relevant. It’s not just about music. It’s not about putting songs out there every second but applying yourself to the right things.”