In a surprising twist of the situation between Kannywood actors Ali Nuhu and Adam Zango, Ali Nuhu on Thursday sued Zango for defamation of character and false accusation.

The move that provoked this move might be the video post Zango shared on his Instagram where he accused Ali Nuhu of supporting detractors who abused his mother.

He said: “I cannot take this anymore. I cannot take it that Ali will not sanction his boys even when they abuse my mother openly. I will surely not take it. Ali is aware of it and he is the one who is making them do this. Since Ali does not have control over his boys, I will henceforth do it myself.”

Although Nuhu made no obvious response to the post, Zango received a court order on Thursday summoning him to appear before a Magistrate court at Kano to respond to queries.

Zango displayed the court order which was written in Hausa on his Instagram. The English translation reads: “This court requests your presence at the courtroom on the 15 of April to answer a case filed in by Ali Nuhu over defamation of character and false accusation.”

In the accompanying caption, he wrote: “Glory be to Allah for this and I am waiting forward to the day I shall appear in court. I shall surrender my life to protect my mother and I will not regret it.”

There has been no word so far from Ali Nuhu about this.