It has been two years since the release of Queen B released sixth album “Lemonade” (yes, two whole years). Although Beyonce released a joint album with her husband Jay-Z “Everything is Love” last year, the Beyhive  has been buzzing somewhat impatiently for some new music.

And they are about to get it.

Beyonce is reported to be working hard on some new music. Although no dates or time was mentioned, it seems like a seventh album might be dropping sooner than we expect.

Us Weekly reports that Bey is in the studio recording “a couple new tracks [for] a deluxe album filled with old songs.” This means that we could be getting an amazing Beyonce discography or an update to the songs already existing.

Alongside the deluxe album, the multi-award winning singer is also said to have signed off on a Netflix documentary that follows her epoch 2018 Coachella set. For those who have been begging from an opportunity to experience the almost “The Beyonce Experience Live” concert, your time is come.

This year is fast turning to the year of Beyonce; from new music to a documentary and the July release of “The Lion King”, we cannot wait!