Rapper turned fashion entrepreneur, Mocheddah is not shy about telling it how it is regarding being an adult and owner of a small business.

She broke down how her time was split between juggling work, family, staying on the phone and even more work. According to her, she spends 40% of her time talking to business partners and trying to make sure things is run smoothly. The other 40% percent she spends trying to buy materials needed for her business while the remaining 20% goes into family activities and more business management efforts.

As if to reinforce her point, she shared a video of herself running about the streets of Lagos doing business.

She accompanied the post with this caption: “After a goooood cry, I had to wipe my tears, drink tea , get on the phone and get work done. 40% of my time is spent on the phone talking, I do not wish it so but it is, I’m either talking to staff, a supplier or trying to get logistic companies to “do their job “on time because customers need their orders. It is hard, I cry, I cry a lot, that’s the only way you can survive as a Nigerian business owner. Do not let my Instagram slay pictures deceive you, being an adult is hard work, being an entrepreneur is even harder.. . “If you must chop you must work. On the brighter side God rewards hard work … so you will always reap what you have sewn .. I’m writing this to let someone out there know it’s hard for me too … but we will survive.”