Founded by Samantha Adebayo, the Geto brand was reportedly created out of a frustration with set standards and a need in fashion to follow trends. With its casual clothing line, Geto has smartly created a niche for itself in the Nigerian fashion space, filling a gap in the industry for casual, everyday clothes. Geto is drawing inspiration from the trends of the millennial era, with a nostalgic and reminiscent debut collection.

“I wanted to create a brand that makes people feel beautiful but also cool. To show that we don’t all have to dress the same and follow the same trends to be creative. I also wanted to create quirky clothes for black women who don’t fit into Eurocentric beauty standards, and present our own vision of what is elegant and beautiful,” Samantha shared.

Options in Nigerian fashion are usually limited to couture pieces or general high-end fashion and Samantha revealed that she wanted a brand that stands out significantly while bringing a fresh, new edge to the Nigerian wardrobe.

Their colourful debut collection features pieces that are reminiscent of hip-hop and r&b music videos from the 2000s, with ruched satin dresses, inscribed t-shirts, flared trousers and statement headpieces, with none of the pieces looking the least bit outdated.

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