At a roll-out event of Rihanna’s first Fenty collection, guests were treated to what are some of the first pieces of Rihanna’s venture into wearable fashion – a venture she enters in collaboration with luxury group LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, making her the first black female designer to do so.

On Rihanna’s inspiration behind the collection, Fenty label’s style director Jahleel Weaver said that her design inspirations came from everywhere, particularly her journey as an immigrant, from Barbados to America and now London and Paris. “Angles, textures, colors — I screen-shoot them constantly, bookmark them, folder them, then text them all to Jahleel. Later, we have a conversation. And hopefully, then, the magic happens,” she said.

If you are thinking of buying one of these Fenty clothes, then you might want to know that the prices for the pieces, which are pegged to start at around $200 for a T-shirt and rise to around $1,500 for outerwear is still under debate.

Rihanna noted that only a small fraction of her large fan base would be able to buy a $1,100 dress, but ultimately, she said, “luxury couldn’t be something that cost 30 bucks.” “It has to be something more. The lower priced pieces are in there, too, and that was so important to me, but so was building a business based on quality. And real quality costs,” she said.

Well, she does have a point so check out some of Fenty’s new garbs below:


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