Thrice married and recently engaged, Jennifer Lopez is something of an authority when it comes to relationships and marriage as she is evidently experienced. This experience shone through during her time on a YouTube programme “Tinder Swipe”. It was during the show that she suggested that men were of no use to a woman in a relationship before they turn 33 years of age.


“Tinder Swipe” is an online series where relationship advice is given to people looking for love via dating sites like Tinder. The episode featuring J.Lo involved her trying to find a love match for one Brooke Ansley, a woman that seemed slightly naïve in issues of choosing men. When Brooke’s Tinder profile displayed the profile of a handsome man aged 29, the 49-year old singer was quick to declare that “Guys, until they are 33, are really useless.”

J.Lo went on to add that women need to look further than a man’s ability to fix cars and chop wood. One can’t blame her for placing such standards in men, considering that she has had to kiss a few frogs before now.

Jennifer Lopez is currently engaged to be married to former athlete, Alex “A.Rod” Rodriguez.