Lauren Keyana Palmer, also known as Keke Palmer, has been getting a lot off her chest lately concerning some major issues affecting Hollywood.
The singer, songwriter, rapper and presenter has been expressing her opinions during several interviews without fear of backlash from fans.

In a chat with Michael Strahan and Sara Haines, on TV show “Strahan and Sara”, the singer talked about the new “Little Mermaid” movie in works with Halle Bailey as Princess Ariel. She addressed fans saying that Hollywood is making an effort to be more diverse in the people they show on screen and there is absolutely no reason why a princess cannot be black. She urged the fans to be more accepting of the concept and understand that it is all fiction.

In another interview with Andy Cohen, she also shared her views on “Surviving R.Kelly”; saying the issue was disappointing, painful, sad and surprising because she never saw that part of R.Kelly while working with him and she wonders why he never showed them the friendly and caring side of him he showed her.