Lovers of poetry are in for exciting times as the 5th edition of the Niyi Osundare International Poetry Festival is set to hold from 15 July, 2019 to 17 July, 2019 at the University of Calabar, Cross River State.
This edition of the festival will feature eminent critic and academic, Professor Biodun Jeyifo who will be delivering the keynote speech entitled “Popular Poetry and the Search for Development in the Modern State”. It will also feature presentations by Professors J.O.J. Agbada, Saleh Abdul, Joe Ushie, Dr. Obari, Gomba and renowned poet Odia Ofeimun.
The Niyi Osundare Poetry Festival was launched in 2015, to celebrate poetry and the poet whom it is named after. Niyi Osundare has published eighteen collections of poetry and has won notable awards to including The Commonwealth Poetry Prize and Noma Awards.