44-year old Nollywood actress Nse Ikpe-Etim is not a new face in the movie industry. Although she received her major breakthrough after he role as Omoze in the Emem Isong production “Reloaded”, the proudly nappy beauty has been active in the industry for about 12 years with many acclaimed movies to her name.

She talks about her personal style, choice of career and existing as an actress in the Nigerian movie industry with Punch.

On her choice of wearing her hair in its natural form, she said: “Thinking about it, I always carried it naturally when I wasn’t being someone else in a movie. Suddenly, after I read about one of my characters, Mary in Phone Swap, who wore dreadlocks, I looked lovely in the style, so slowly I nicked this one character and haven’t looked back.”

On how she comes about movie roles and the perception that she might be picky, she responded: “Or the movie roles pick me? I used to think that I did the picking but I have come to realise that the roles pick me.”

She also reveals her beauty regimen. “I drink something I call my elixir turmeric which simply put is warm water with lemon every day. Then I embark on an eight-mile walk, take a green smoothie before I begin my search for food. I do not think this is so much of a beauty regime though,” she said.

The Akwa-Ibom born actress gave her two cents on the current position of Nollywood when she declared that she thinks it’s going in the right direction. “As stakeholders, we are constantly pushing boundaries and there will be many firsts,” she added.

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