Award-winning epic movie “OKUFERE” – The Immortality of Mankind” produced by Ruxspin Filmz International is set to hold today in an exclusive screening at Sandralia Hotel, Jabi, Abuja by 6 p.m.

Directed by Emeka Amakeze and produced by Ozioma Okere with Patrick Okafor and Godwin Uyawanne as co-producers, the movie tells the story of a man whose bravery and courage dare the gods to the point that he issues a strict warning to them to stick to their space as he sweeps one of their own off her feet in love not knowing that whoever lays with the immortal becomes powerful beyond measure but someone else has eyes on the prize.

The movie stars a line-up of talented actors including Nonso Diobi, Emeka Amakeze, Ozioma Okere and Chizzy Alichi amongst others.

“OKUFERE – The Immortality of Mankind” was written by Ozioma Okere, from one of the manuscripts of Chief C. C. Okere (late) with additional screenplay from Jennine Okafor.