Rotimi, the Nigerian-American star of the Power Series is out with an imaginative video to his recently released single, ‘Love Riddim’.

Earlier in the month, the musician/actor had hinted on the release of a 7-track EP, which he has titled ‘Walk With Me’, due for release before the end of the month.

Produced by Harmony Samuels, ‘Love Riddim’ is an energetic pop tune, which shows Rotimi shining with his silky vocals. On the track, he sings about his hopes of luring a pretty woman out of her abusive relationship, promising that he will treat her right, unlike her current boyfriend.

The music video sets the scene for the story, opening with the woman Rotimi has his eyes on, arguing with her boyfriend in the club. He finally finds the confidence to go after her, and of course, she ends up feeling him too. The video is directed by Warf & Josh Sikkema,

‘Love Riddim’ is the lead single off the forthcoming ‘Walk With Me’ EP.

Watch the video below 


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