Afropop Star, Sean Tizzle, is not bothered about hit songs or bangers as he continues to dole out quality music, the latest being ‘Lotto’, which now has a video.

The song which is produced by Finito, is another attempt at a romantic  song, seeing Sean Tizzle profess his love for a young lady, promising to be there for her no matter what. On the track, he also reveals his desire to meet her family and maybe even get to start a new one with her.

The video begins with a band of girls in a salon, eagerly staring at the TV screen, waiting for the winning lottery ticket number to be called out. One of the four girls emerges as the winner, with her prize being Sean Tizzle. After a makeover, the lucky winner gets to meet the superstar.

Since dropping club bangers like ‘Sho Le’ and ‘Loke Loke’, the artiste hasn’t been able to score another monster hit in quite some time, but has kept at it, relentlessly showing fans that his talent is still intact.

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