With over 7 years of successfully providing Lagosians premium entertainment, Silver Fox has made its name as a polished Adult Nightclub recognized for celebrating entertainment in the most luxurious way possible.

Already a well-grounded phenomenon on the Florida Night Club scene in America, the Nigerian chapter has made an audacious move to unlock the potentials of the Adult Nightlife Industry in West Africa; bringing luxurious adult entertainment to Lagos, Nigeria.

Silver Fox Founder,  Big Slim, speaking on the brand commented; “Silver Fox is a passionate idea. Wanting to create a luxurious and world-class setting for gentlemen to let out all inhibitions, get loose, enjoy pleasures of the world through the eyes of a woman, and most importantly, to have fun.”

“I spent most of my life in Miami, Florida, though my mum is Nigerian; owning several strip clubs in Jacksonville Florida,Toronto and Caracas Venezuela. Adult night club is not just a business to me, its a passion and with the experience I have, I decided it was time to come home, seeing how fast and big  the entertainment and hospitality business in Nigeria is growing. I felt the ultimate gentlemen’s club experience should be introduced to Nigeria,” he added.

Giving reasons why he had decided to spend as much as 2Billion in putting together the Silver Fox Edifice, he said; “We are all about doling out the full package when it comes to entertainment. We have so many outlets for fun in one building. I even cut a Bentley GT Continental in half just to make my reception desk. I wanted a place that offers so many different types of entertainment that it is impossible for customers to get bored. At Silver Fox, we don’t cut corners.”

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Founded in 2014, Silver Fox has reportedly risen to become a force to reckon with on the Adult Nightlife scene with an outstanding track record and international recognition. The brand is focused on making sure it is versatile enough in the delivery of premium and exquisite nightlife services, to keep expanding its reach as it gains more acceptance.

He said: “We move with the trends and the trends moves with us. Strip Clubs are part of the hip hop culture,  Rappers sing or rap about being in strip clubs and making it rain so this is ingrained in that culture and it’s my objective to change Africa with that same attitude and Silver Fox is here to do that. In 5 years, Silver Fox will be on Forbes Magazine.”

“With 26 years of experience in this game, we have been consistent. Customer satisfaction is second to none and we give our audience quality entertainment. At any given time, we have up to 50 dancers in rotation, which maintains the excitement level for our distinguished guests and we have a culture which allows  you make a video of yourself and not other clients. We also have various VIP rooms that ensure your utmost privacy.”

Silver Fox Nigeria launches its state of the art entertainment hub with a four-day soirée, from the 18th of April to the 21st April, 2019.