According to reports, singer/songwriter Simi has parted ways with her record label X3M Music, however, numerous headlines have it that she “dumped” the label. This is not entirely true.

The truth behind her exit from her record label is simpler – her previous contract with them expired and both parties chose not to renew or go into a new contract.

In a statement signed by the label’s A&R Executive Vincent Nwanze, we learn that both parties opted to not renew the contract.

“We only sign artists that we love and believe in. We know our taste in music is rather different, but we only sign talents who meet that taste. Fortunately, we have been able to find millions of music lovers here and abroad, who share similar tastes, as is evident in the success of all the artists we have worked with, including Simi who is without any doubt one of the biggest music talents in the country today…,” the management of X3M said.

Simi currently has a recently released album “Omo Charlie Champagne” out in the market under her former label.