Veteran comic actor Victor Osuagwu has come out to say that the difference between a ‘Nollywood Asaba’ movie and a ‘Nollywood cinema’ movie is the amount of funds available to the producer. He said as much in an interview with Punch when speaking about his thoughts on the standard of comedy movies in the movie industry.

He said: “On the movies being below standard, the resources put into the production of a film determine how it would look like in the end. For example, when someone like AY and major marketers make movies, they are usually nice because they have enough funds to pump into the projects. However, I will also admit that there is an issue with standard because many of these movies are made with personal funds. We are not in a country where the government supports the film industry; so, that’s a major problem. Some people actually have good ideas but because they don’t have enough finance, they have to limit their scope and work according to their budgets.”

He also disagreed with the notion that there were too many comedy movies flooding the Nigerian movie saying “I don’t agree that there are too many comedy movies in the industry and that they all have the same themes. You need to understand that these ideas emanate from different quarters. We have over 170 million people in the country; so, as a matter of fact, I feel that we don’t even have enough comedy movies commensurate with our population.”

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