Nigerian singer-songwriter, Simisola Ogunleye, also known as Simi, took to her Instagram recently to make an urgent call for better protection of Nigerian women and girls from physical abuse and rape.
She wrote:

“Women, even little girls are not safe in this country. First, there is oppression, abuse. When something does happen to you, nobody fights for you. The family says ‘Protect our name’, the church says ‘touch not my anointed’.
The government just does not give. So men, please when people are fighting for women, say they are feminists and want equality rights for women, I hope you remember how unprotected they are and fight with them.
Women, when you see another woman fighting for you and your rights, if you dont like the approach because you think everything is all about submission.
Your life is constantly at stake, if it hasn’t touched you yet, count your blessings. Open your eyes, the world does not favour you. Fight back.
As for these animals, you can only slap and rape for so long. One by one, judgement will find you and drag you down. I know men go through sexual assault too!
I acknowledge it but women and children are more vulnerable. Let’s fight for and protect the most vulnerable in the society.”