American Rapper, DMX, is gradually getting back on his feet since he was released from Jail. DMX has signed on to join the cast of an upcoming thriller titled ‘Chronicle of a Serial Killer’.

The film follows the story of a Henry Brolin, the serial killer who targets women who he thinks will eventually turn out just like his mother. DMX will reportedly portray one of the lead detectives on the case. X joins a cast featuring Tara Reid and Russian Doll’s, Brendan Sexton.

Director of the flick, Steve Stanulis, said DMX was a “perfect fit” for the role. “When my casting director suggested DMX it immediately resonated with me as a perfect fit,” Stanulis said. “I have no doubt he is going to bring a different dynamic to the role and I’m excited to have him part of this talented cast. I’m looking forward to working with him and everyone else this summer.”

According to previous reports, the new gig is just one of many opportunities that X has in the works. He’s also rumored to be working on several other box office films and a new album.

‘Chronicle of a Serial Killer’ will reportedly begin filming in New York City in June 2019, with no official release date announced yet.