Known for comically infusing Hausa lyrics in his songs, Rapper Magnito, in a recent interview with speaks about the inspiration behind his ‘Relationships Be Like’ series and why he switched to mainstream music.

“I got the name Magnito from Xmen. I liked the Magnito powers, he is my favorite character. I liked the fact that he caused so much problem, the kind of problem I had to bring to the Nigerian industry. Generally Magnito is just one guy that controls all the metals the way I want to control all the music in the industry,” the rapper said, commenting on the origin of his name and ideology.

Speaking on how he started, Magnito commented; “I used to rap hardcore until I saw that it couldn’t pay my bills and i switched to the mainstream kind of music, which is exactly what I’m doing now. Everybody likes feel good music.”

The Jos-bred rapper who has been making waves recently with his viral ‘Relationships be like’ series also spoke on the ideology behind the project;

“I used to listen to R-Kelly’s ‘Trapped in a closet’ and when I saw the whole series, it blew my mind. Since then I had been nursing that and thinking to try something like that till i got the inspiration last year. It’s the biggest thing that has happened to me, it’s the talk of the industry. Big names want to be part of it; actors, comedians, basically everyone wants a feature.”

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