Chico Ejiro, veteran movie producer and director has described his latest effort Night Bus to Lagos as a didactic representation of the realities of everyday life from which everyone would learn a lesson.

Speaking in an interview with Ejiro’s whose remarkable speed at shooting and releasing home videos at the start of the Nollywood revolution in the 1990s earned him the moniker “Mr Prolific, explained that he also decided to use a blend of old and new actors in appreciation of the abundance of skilful artistes available in the country.

He explained in the interview: ” The film is called Night Bus to Lagos. I’ll say life is a journey. Life, like a movement is a journey from one phase to another. So Night Bus to Lagos is a title that exemplifies life as a journey. I have some good actors on it, I tried to put the young ones and the old together to make sure that there’s a good blend,” Chico commented.

The Rom-com’s story line follows Playboy Voke, settling for Monica (a high-class girl who inherited her father’s wealth), with a mission to get her family’s money. But his past comes haunting, as Ese who sold her parent’s properties to give Voke a life and Lana, a top-class OAP who can’t cope with the publicity of Voke jilting her. It features actors and actresses like; Pete Edochie, Monalisa Chinda, Omawunmi Megbele, Ninalowo Bolanle, Daniel Lloyds, Eddie Watson from Ghana, Rachael Oniga, Paul Obasi, and a host of others. It was shot in Lagos and Ondo State.

Asked if his return with Night Bus to Lagos is indicative of a total break from his long hiatus, Ejiro said: “It’s all about planning. Everyday, one must plan the beginning the middle and the end, so the end does not take you by surprise. I have learnt that before you shoot big pictures, you must discuss with people, and plan the marketing and everything. Ask how things should go with some of your friends, so that once you set out, everything will be in place. Therefore, at every point in time you know the next step. So from June I’ll be planning my next film that will be out in November or December.”

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